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Dr. Renee Lanctor, DHS

Sexologist and Sex Coach

Sex can be fun for both partners in any relationship. Whether you are after your first orgasm or looking for a deeper and more meaningful sexual experience, she has the information and the “tricks” to help you get there.

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Whether you are just curious or you are looking for someone specialized in dealing with a variety of sexual concerns, I am very pleased you found me. Most people with sexual issues don't know where to go to discuss these private matters. I have heard, seen and have experience in dealing with most of them. If you need to improve your sex life, I am here to listen, understand and heal your sexual issues focusing on personal history, sexual perspective, experience and sensations.

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A sexologist is someone who studies, or is an expert in, sex and sexuality. They study sexual interests, behavior, and function. Sexologists are trained in sexual development and the development of sexual relationships as well as the mechanics of sexual intercourse. Sexologists study and deal with sexual dysfunctions, disorders, and variations, in  a variety of groups including disabled handicapped, children, and the elderly. This can become quite complex when dealing with sexual issues while navigating around  religious, or political beliefs. Sexologists are not psychologists or medical doctors. They typically resolve issues within a few sessions.

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